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What is a hole-in-one?
In golf, a hole-in-one (also known as an ace) is when a player hits the ball directly from the tee into the cup with one shot.

What is a hole-in-one contest?
A typical hole-in-one contest operates on a tournament or special event basis whereby tournament or event organizers arrange for a hole-in-one prize for a set number of golfers on a set day and on a predetermined hole.


The Eagle1 prize program will be available to golf courses starting in British Columbia and expanding to other provinces and states over the next year.

When you're booking your golf tournament, ask the golf course if they are part of the Eagle1 program.

If your golf facility is interested in offering the Eagle1 prize program, send an email to info@eagle1.ca.


Sponsorship Matching
Eagle1 includes a proprietary sponsorship matching platform that allows tournament organizers to quickly and easily find corporate sponsors for prizing holes, and potentially increase the overall dollar amount of tournament sponsorship.

Customizable Coverages
Eagle1 allows more flexible coverage options than traditional hole-in-one prize programs. We'll work with you to create a contest that will add the most value to tournament organizers.

Indivdual Prize Hole Program
In 2020, we'll be launching our individual prize hole program. This unique prizing program gives individual golfers a chance to win a hole-in-one prize with their threesome or foursome. This expands hole-in-one prizing beyond tournaments and offers courses the opportunity to increase revenues from day golfers.

Hole Yardage
Number of Golfers
Prize Amount
Hole Number
University Golf Club
University Golf Club is a great place to golf, eat, get married, hold meetings, party or shop! It's no wonder we have been voted #1 public golf course 10 years in a row by Vancouver Courier readers. Having been around since 1929, University Golf Club is a traditional course with long, narrow fairways and towering old growth trees. It is only minutes away from the city but it feels like you're in the country and away from it all. The golf course is accessible to all levels of players and can be walked or driven at your leisure. With 10 minute tee time intervals, there is no rush for you to enjoy this scenic course.


Tournament Program
Most hole-in-one insurers provide prizing directly to tournament participants, independent of golf course involvement. This is an added inconvenience for golf tournament representatives arranging the coverage because they have to find a hole-in-one insurance provider on their own. Eagle1 is unique in that for the first time, golf courses are able to offer hole-in-one prizing as part of the overall tournament package. Being the first point of contact for golf tournament representatives simplifies the process of offering hole-in-one prizing for golf tournaments.

Individual Hole Program
Eagle1 is pioneering a concept in hole-in-one prize contests. By offering prizing on any par 3 hole, on any course covered by the program, it will open a whole new market in hole-in-one prize contests. Golfers will be able to participate in a hole-in-one prize contest simply by signing up prior to teeing off. In addition to adding value to their existing services, this program will offer golf courses an opportunity to increase their revenue streams. The individual hole program is scheduled to be launched in 2020.

Range Program
This contest enables golfers to participate in hole-in-one prize contests at any time on the practice range. The range program is scheduled to be launched in 2020.

Speed Golf Tournament
Speed Golf (also known as Extreme Golf, Fitness Golf and Hit and Run Golf) is a sport which involves playing a round of golf in the lowest possible sum of strokes and time. Thus shooting 90 on a golf course in 59 minutes and 30 seconds would compute to an overall speed golf score of 149:30. Eagle1 has a prize package specifically designed for speed golf and is an excellent addition to winter golf programs as it offers tournament revenue at slower times of the year.